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Join my 7-day speaking challenge and learn a new skill every day for a week that will help you better engage in everyday English conversations!

Are you an English learner who:

Wants to practice speaking in English but doesn't know what kind of practice to do by yourself?

Wants to be more confident and sound more natural when participating in English conversations?

Wants to receive feedback on their conversational skills?

Wants to join a community of other English learners who have similar goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then my 7-day speaking challenge is for YOU!

What is the 7-day speaking challenge?

The 7-day speaking challenge is for intermediate learners who want to be more confident and sound more natural while talking in English. I will share a short prerecorded video each day for a week, and after you've finished watching each video, you will receive a homework assignment to help you practice your speaking skills on your own. I will open a Telegram group just for this challenge where you will access the videos, see the homework assignments, post your homework if you'd like my feedback, and learn about other students' experiences as well!


Here is a list of the skills you will learn:


Day 1: How to start a conversation

Day 2: How to share your opinion and politely disagree with someone

Day 3: How to use the present perfect with confidence

Day 4: How to keep a conversation going

Day 5: How to pause and "look" for a word while speaking

Day 6: How to ask someone to repeat themselves and draw out an answer from them

Day 7: How to end a conversation

If you sign up for the speaking challenge, you will:

       Learn a variety of useful words and phrases that are commonly used in American English conversations 


       Discover not only what to say in conversations but how to have conversations

       Receive homework to help you put what you've learned to the test

       Participate in a Telegram group where you can experience both community and accountability!

"I’m really happy to be taking classes with Rachel she’s very kind and the way she explains it is excellent. Since I started classes I have improved a lot I no longer feel so afraid when I try to express myself in English."

"That's a teacher I recommend everyone, because of her professionalism, punctuality and unconditional support.
Thanks to Rachel I've overcome my fear to speak English. I'm very proud of myself."

"I highly recommend Rachel because she teaches clearly, and helps to understand phrases and sentences. Classes are conducted in a delightful way!"

"Rachel is great English tutor! She is absolutely patient. She always listen to me calmly and does her best to help me improve my conversational English skills.
I feel so lucky to have online classes with her.
I really appreciate all her efforts and highly recommend her."

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm an English teacher from the U.S. with over 7 years of teaching experience. I help my students advance their conversational skills and become more confident speakers! 

I created the 7-day speaking challenge to help intermediate English speakers discover what and how to practice on their own when it comes to conversational English. The challenge allows students to review some important skills needed to sound natural when speaking in English while also giving them the opportunity to learn how to improve these skills without a speaking partner. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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What my students have to say about working with me

The 7-Day Speaking Challenge begins Tuesday, August 23. Sign up today if you'd like to join!

  • Speak UP 2.0 Plan

    For students who want to level up their English speaking
    Valid for 6 weeks
    • Participate in a weekly live discussion about a cool video
    • Get feedback on your English from a teacher
    • Receive a list of new vocabulary and expressions each week
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