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Summer activities to keep you engaged with your English learning

I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like summer. For those of you who are students and have the summer off from school, you might spend it waking up late, spending more time with your friends now that you have free time, and catching up on activities you couldn't do while you were studying. For those of you who are working, you might take time off during the summer to travel to places where you can fully enjoy the warm weather. Regardless of what your summer looks like, it can be tempting to take a break from your English learning. That's NOT what you should do, though! Students often fall into a summer slump, or a time when they forget many of the ideas they learned while they were in school. The same can apply to your English learning too! Want to know some ways to keep learning English this summer? Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Write letters to a pen-pal. This is a really simple way to practice your writing (and reading) over the summer! A pen-pal is simply a person you exchange letters with, especially handwritten letters. Have you ever written and/or received a handwritten letter?? I always love getting mail, so I enjoy sending and receiving letters. Now is your chance to give it a try and connect with someone from another part of the world through your English learning. =D (If you're interested in finding a pen-pal, let me know! I'd be happy to match students with each other.)

2. Play online games on English servers. Are there any gamers who are reading this? Now more than ever, people are connecting with others online, and playing your favorite video game is actually a great way to practice both your speaking and listening skills! Connect with gamers from English-speaking countries and really put your English skills to the test while you play. It'll be fun, and you'll be learning in the process!

3. Read a blog. Obviously, if you're reading this, you're currently reading a blog, but have you considered reading other blogs to practice your reading? There are so many different blogs out there that you can access online for free! Just search a subject and add "blogs" after it, such as "fitness blogs" or "fashion blogs." Bloggers are pretty consistent too, meaning they publish a new blog post every week or every other week, so you really don't have to wait long in order to read more. If you're looking for some light or easy reading this summer, I highly recommend reading a blog.

4. Download a conversation app and find a speaking partner. This is something I suggest as an activity you can do at any time during the year, but maybe you have more time to dedicate to your speaking partner over the summer! Why not take the leap and try to practice a conversation exchange on a regular basis? I recommend the app HelloTalk, but if you'd like some other suggestions, you can download my free resource guide by joining my mailing list here.

The key to learning English (or any language) is to keep practicing it on a regular basis, even during the summer. Learning English doesn't have to be boring though! I hope these ideas are helpful to you, but I also hope you enjoy them too!


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