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Movie Club

Do you want to improve your English speaking skills while meeting other English learners and having fun? Do you also like watching movies? Are you an intermediate English learner or higher? If so, my movie club is for you!

Each week, we watch a movie on our own and then meet as a group to discuss it during a live discussion on Zoom. I also provide you with a list of English expressions from the movie that might be new to you, and I give you general feedback on your speaking at the end of each session. Join us!

Can't make it to the discussions on Zoom? That's okay! I am now running a group on Telegram for the movie club so students can still practice their speaking skills and discuss the movie after the live sessions!

Movie Fun

Join the movie club if you want to:

Become a more advanced English speaker

Grow more confident in your English speaking skills

Have conversations with other English learners

Receive feedback from a certified English teacher

Watch some really great movies

What Former and Current Members Say

"I love Rachel's movie club because it encourages critical thinking and from the discussion, I can learn to see from other people's perspective. I always learn something new from this movie club meeting and it is definitely fun!"


Nurul, Malaysia

"I joined Rachel's movie club a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant because I had never been in one before and I didn't know if my English would be adequate. But I made the right choice joining. The experience has been incredible, the group of people is amazing, it's a friendly place to share opinions and Rachel does an incredible job as host. Now, I wait with excitement for our weekly session!!!"

P, Chile

"I enjoyed Rachel's movie club. Discussions of the movies were always lively and energetic, warm, joyful, and awesome atmosphere and people. Thanks a bunch Rachel for everything you do! Strongly recommend this one."

Tina, Russia

Get started with the Movie Club!

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Your Teacher

Hi, I'm Rachel! I'm a qualified English teacher from the U.S. with over 7 years of teaching experience. I help my intermediate students advance their conversational skills and become more confident speakers!

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