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Who Am I and Why Do I Tutor?


I'm Rachel Berntsen, a lover of words and an avid reader. My goal as a tutor is to boost my students' confidence in order to see them thrive in areas where they currently struggle. My lessons are structured and informative, but because of my vivacious personality, they are also engaging and fun!

My background/experience includes:

  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Williams College

  • 1 year of teaching English as a Second Language to college freshmen and sophomores in China

  • A Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate

  • 2 years of teaching English Language Arts at a private middle school in NYC

  • A Master's degree in Education from the University of Reading in England

  • Independent tutoring since 2011 (exclusively online since 2018)


My areas of expertise include English Language Arts and English as a Second Language. As a tutor, I am not limited to working with one particular age group (I predominantly work with teenagers and college students, but I also have experience working with children and other adults), and I value the fact that I can tailor my lessons to my students' individual needs. Above all, I love helping my students succeed! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my help! 


Call/Text (203) 701-8894

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